What information will be held about me?

The recording and sharing of your information is crucial to ensuring your decisions and wishes are respected by different staff and organisations. If you give your consent then echo will keep an electronic record of your wishes and preferences for your future care, and agreed care plans and information for professionals delivering your care (for example contact details for your main carer or details of your medication). In addition, we may also ask for your permission to access your electronic GP records, so that more detailed information is available to us if you call for advice.

Who will have access to my information?

Computers allow us to share information between staff in different areas, but with strict controls. All information is stored securely. Your information will only be accessed by staff responsible for delivering your care. This may include your GP, ambulance services, hospital teams, hospice, palliative care services and community nursing services. No-one without good reason to review your information will be allowed access to it.